Elimination is Now Available in Hardback

Mark Sexton’s explosive thriller, ELIMINATION is now available in hardback at Amazon, and Arrow Gate Bookstore and everywhere books are sold.

Below is a brief interview by the author, Mark Sexton, summarising the idea behind his novel, Elimination.

Five star reviews poured in for Mark’s debut book, a reader wrote on Amazon:

As a 22-year veteran of policing, I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Mark Sexton combined every day policing with Jason Bourne’s style of action and intrigue. Write another one, Mr Sexton!


Another reader, Owen Strickland, wanted to see Elimination as a film or a TV series.

The first authentic crime book that I’ve ever read, and as an ex-serving police officer, I read this book and thought I was back at work. This is one of the best books that I have ever read and I’ve read thousands via audible, and I’ve listened to hundreds. This would make a brilliant film. I believe in this new author… I hope his second book is out soon.

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Elimination is Now Available in Hardback

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