Elimination Book Design

Elimination book cover design is out. Arrow Gate Publishing would release the explosive crime thriller before the end of this month. Natalie Sexton, the author’s daughter, designed the cover image.

Living in an age of seemingly endless austerity, when the country can least afford to subsidise idlers who have no intention of ever contributing to society, Elimination responds to the growing tide of hardworking people who resent having to subsidise them and their often lawless activities.  

Mark Sexton

Elimination sheds light on the increasingly difficult social climate in which the modern police force is forced to operate at a time when numbers have been greatly reduced. It acutely reveals why more traditional policing has taken a backseat now that officers’ main job is to mend a broken society. Modern policing is no longer about crime—rather, it revolves around mental health, missing persons, alcoholism, drug-taking and domestic abuse.  

In addition, the success of police thrillers Line of Duty and Bodyguard show the increasing appetite for police-driven drama, and Elimination could successfully translate to the small or big screen to add to this country’s creative output.

Mark Sexton

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